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Roasted at elevation
in Colorado

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Single Serve K-Kups

Alpine Coffee was founded in 1997 in Denver, Colorado. For 20 years, we grew to be the largest independent operator in Colorado. At first, we bought green coffee from brokers, but around 2005 we established direct relationships with farmers in Cameroon, Africa. Our Founder paid 3x more than average wages, brought a cook in to feed everyone lunch, provided transportation to and from work, and provided doctor visits for all workers and their families.


With over 20 years experience of sourcing, roasting, packaging and selling coffee, Alpine Coffee is pleased to offer you delicious coffee for your home and office. Whole bean, ground, or K-Cups, we provide  you with what you need to start your day off right! 

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Direct farmer relationships  mean fresher coffee for you.

Our coffees are hand selected by our owner who has created multiple Coffee Farmer Co-Ops in various African countries. He has created these Co-Ops to ensure that every farmer who is involved received more money for their coffee than if they sold to anyone else. Not only do we help farmers make more money, but we help increase their coffee yields by planting new trees, educating farmers on improved farming techniques and helping their kids with clothes and books for schools. All of this to say that your coffee doesn't sit in a warehouse getting stale —and instead gets to you sooner and fresher.

Roasted at elevation in Colorado

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