Buy Direct From The Roaster And Save

Coffee is a commodity. But unlike other commodities, there is a diverse range of quality and cost options available. The general rule is the lower the cost of the coffee, the lower the quality of coffee. Alpine Coffee is the exception. We buy our beans directly from the farmers in Africa, and we own and operate our own mill. People that we directly employee sort and package the raw beans for export, which are then transported to our roasting facility in Denver. With Alpine Coffee, there are no middlemen. We own the entire supply chain, from coffee tree in Africa to final roasting in Denver, Colorado. This is unique, very few coffee companies do this. It took the owner, George Yost, many years to perfect this process. The result: Alpine Coffee is able to offer excellent tasting, quality coffee at economy coffee prices. In turn, this gives our wholesale customers a unique chance to both save money while improving the guest experience.

As guests become more environmentally conscious, they will appreciate your wholesale has made a sustainable choice. We provide an in-room placard that educates your guests about the coffee they are drinking.

Coffee Beans

These are photos we took of the raw coffee beans from our farms in Africa.


These beans are harvested and then transported to our mill for processing from local employees directly hired by us.


Our beans make a long journey, from coffee tree to roaster, all under one flag -- Alpine Coffee


How a coffee is processed after harvest can have a dramatic effect on the resulting cup, so it has become an increasingly important part of how it is described and sold. It would be a mistake to believ ethat coffee producers have flavor in mind when they choose their processing methods.


There are thousands of coffee roasters. Not all of them can be good and variations in price and the way they are marketed can make buying fairly confusing. With Alpine, you can trace your coffee back to the farm the beans originated from. In an industry plauged by ethical concerns, and dogged by an image of explotation of the Third World, knowing exactly where a coffee comes from is a powerful piece of information" -- James Hoffman

Fair Trade

There remains some confusion about exactly how Fair Trade works, although it has undoubtedly become a successful tool to help those who wish to purchase coffee with a clear conscience. Many people presume that the promises of Fair Trade are far wider reaching than they actually are, and that any coffee could be certified as Fair Trade. This is not the case. And to make matters worse, it is easy for detractors to allege that the farmer is not getting the premium because of the complex nature of financial transactions within the coffee industry.

Alpine Coffee Pictures