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From the Farmers Hands, to Your Cup

Fresh Roasted Coffee for Your Home

With over 20 years experience of sourcing, roasting, packaging and selling coffee, Alpine Coffee is pleased to offer you delicious coffee for your home.  Whole bean, ground, or K-Cups, we can provide to you what you need to start your day off! 


Our coffees are hand selected by our owner who has created multiple Coffee Farmer Co-Ops in various African countries.  He has created these Co-Ops to ensure that every farmer who is involved received more money for their coffee than if they sold to anyone else.  We pay our farmers up to 50% more than their previous buyers.  Not only do we help farmers make more money, but we help increase their coffee yields by planting new trees, educating farmers on improved farming techniques and helping their kids with clothes and books for schools 


Fresh Roasted Coffee at Your Doorstep!

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Ground Coffee
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Whole Bean

Alpine Coffee

Alpine Coffee was founded in 1997 by George Yost when at the time, George was looking to add coffee as another service to provide to his customers.  Over the years, Alpine Coffee grew tired of paying middlemen and other processors to buy coffee from.  Alpine Coffee wanted to ensure that farmers receive more money for their hard work than the going rates, so Alpine Coffee decided to build a coffee Co-Op.   Alpine Coffee started in Cameroon, where they paid the coffee farmers %15 more per pound of coffee than what the market called for.  Alpine Coffee also supplied farmers with tools, fertilizers, books, and clothes for their kids and they even planted new trees for the coffee farmers to help increase their production year over year.  None of the farmers were contracted to sell to Alpine Coffee, but hundreds chose to because of the higher prices Alpine Coffee paid and the continued support.  Now, Cameroon is an unstable country with local fighting all over the country, however, Alpine Coffee is still buying coffee and doing its part to help support hard-working farmers and their families.

In the summer of 2020, George began a second Co-Op in Kenya.  Here he pays the farmers 50% over what they have made in the past by offering a profit share to the farmers.  Alpine Coffee has also built its own Wet Mill on a 50-year lease plot of land to ensure that Alpine Coffee will be able to continue to source delicious coffee for many years to come.

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