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Fractional (frac) Packs

The life blood of any Office Coffee Service company is fractional / frac / or portion packs.  Most companies use national brands, fighting for pennies with their competitors.  We offer another option - provide fresh roasted coffee from a wholesale coffee supplier.  Many coffee suppliers pack their coffee with oxygen in the bag, giving the coffee a short shelf life.  We began roasting coffee for our own Office Coffee Service company, but now we're here to help bring great-tasting coffee in a good-looking bag to offices all across North America. Our coffee stays fresher longer and at an economical cost so the operator can win more business.

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Available in a variety of roasts and flavors to give our customers a wide variety of options

  • Convenient pre-measured packages (1.5, 1.75, 2, and 2.5 oz) to deliver consistent, great-tasting coffee

  • Carefully blended to deliver mild and smooth flavors

  • For use with commercial coffee brewers

Filter Packs

  • Breakfast Blend & Decaf Available 

  • Available in 0.50 oz. (1 Cup), 1.25 oz. (2-4 Cup) , 1.5 oz. (4-6 Cup), & 1.75 oz. (6-12 Cups

  • Convenient filter packs without the mess of coffee grounds

  • Small batch roasted 

  • Direct Trade Coffee 

  • For use with all drip-style brewers

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