Single Serve Cups

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Alpine Single Serve Cups

Available in 19 different flavors so there's a perfect blend for everyone

Alpine's K-cup holds 12 Grams of coffee. That’s 33% more coffee than National Brands!

Convenient for any office setting

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

Carefully blended to deliver mild and smooth flavors

Compatible with any Keurig K-Cup Brewer

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12 Gram K-Cup Filter

Our K-Cups have 33% more coffee in every cup! The national Brands use mainly 9 grams of coffee per cup. Those cups use a paper filter, and there has to be a lot of void space between the filter and the bottom of the cup to keep the bottom needle from poking a hole in the filter.

Alpine changed the filter from paper to medical grade PP. This allows us to fill the cup with 33% more coffee because the needle cannot penetrate the PP filter. It just moves it up a little. This is what makes your Alpine cup of coffee stronger. Now available in all 19 flavors.


100% Recyclable

Did you know the amount of K-Cups that have been trashed in landfills could wrap around the world more than 10 times? The K-Cups that don’t get recycled will take thousands of years to decompose in a landfill and will contribute to our growing problem of plastic pollution.

One thing that we value here at Alpine is our planet. We do our best to give back to the environment every chance that we get. That’s why we designed every single one of our k-Cups to be 100% recyclable. In just three easy steps you can join us in the mission to make our planet healthier. One K-Cup at a time.

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Fractional Packs

Available in 6 different colors

Available in 15 different flavors to give our customers a wide variety of options

Most Alpine products ship in just 2 days

Convenient pre-measured packages (1.5, 2, and 2.5 oz) to deliver consistent, great-tasting coffee

Choose any of 6 different colors

Carefully blended to deliver mild and smooth flavors

For use with commercial coffee brewers