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Co- packing & Private Label

35% of all consumers use K Cups. 45% use open brewers and Ground or Whole Bean coffee.

If you do not offer K Cups, you will never sell your coffee to those 35% who probably do not even own a batch brew coffee brewer.

That is where Alpine comes in. We would love to co-pack your coffee into your own private label K Cups.

Why use Alpine?

1. Our unique cup design allows us to pack 12 grams instead of 9 in each cup. Who doesn’t want 33% more coffee? With a 10 oz. cup it meets the coffee to water ration for Gold Cup standard!

2. Our tear off lid allows your customer to recycle our cups after use. (#4 on recycle chart)

3. Our unique Digital printing allows us to print 4 color process printing on your lids. We can do absolutely anything you can dream of in SMALL QUANTITY runs. We can print as few as 5,000 lids at a time. No need to make a big investment in lid inventory.

4. We manage your lid inventory. As long as you can sell 5,000 cups per SKU, every six months, there is no inventory cost.

5. We even have an attractive 24 count box you can use with your own label so there is also no need to invest in box inventory!

6. Certain programs allow us to invest in complete custom boxes with enough sales volume.

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We can help you build you’r brand by putting you’r name and logo on Fractional Packs. Whole bean bags, K-cups and even the boxes that they come in. We can help you develop your line of products that you can sell anywhere. You can do anything you want with it because its your coffee! It has zero reference to Alpine Coffee.

We even have a graphic designer that will help you design your whole line at no additional cost. We want to help you build something that you can be proud of. Something that no one else has. Your coffee, your products, your brand. Get in touch with us for more information.

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