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Wholesale coffee for your Office Coffee Service company

Fresh-roasted, fully-customized coffee to help you grow your office coffee business

With over 20 years experience sourcing, roasting, packaging, and selling coffee, Alpine Coffee will have a solution to help you grow your Office Coffee Service (OCS) business. 


From private label to whole bean, single serve K-Kups to frac packs, we have what you need.  Alpine Coffee started as an Office Coffee Service operator. Over the years we've learned a few tricks to set you apart from your competition.  We can provide you the best-looking frac packs on the market and even label them with your company logo.   


Fresh-roasted coffee

Solutions to help grow your OCS business

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Single Serve K-Kups
Fractional Packs
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Whole Bean

Alpine Coffee

Alpine Coffee was founded in 1997 in the Denver Metro area of Colorado by George Yost.  At the time, George was building a successful vending business.   Through that process, he saw a need to enter into the Office Coffee Service industry.  For the next 20 years, George grew his vending and OCS company to to be the largest independent operation in Colorado. At first, George was just buying green coffee from brokers, but around 2005 he established direct relationships with farmers in Cameroon, Africa.  Through these relationships, he bought coffee directly from farmers, creating a work environment at his coffee mill in Bali, Cameroon where people lined up to work for Alpine Coffee.  George paid them 3X more than average wages, brought a cook in to feed everyone lunch, provided transportation to and from work, and even provided doctor visits for all workers and their families.  During this time, Alpine Coffee and George Yost were recognized by Cameroon government officials and he was invited to various state dinners to discuss business practices.  

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Private Label & Co-Pack
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